Welcome!  Once again you have, by some form of extreme misfortune, stumbled into my world. 

I have made my directorial debut!  You will find my first short film here.  Enjoy!

Email all positive comments web@tarikward.com.  All negative comments, complaints, and other tomfoolery can be posted on the appropriate city walls.


Are you looking for Tarik Ward?  Tarik A. Ward?  The same Tarik A. Ward (Tarik Ward) That grew up in Uniondale and attended Uniondale High school in Uniondale, NY? The very same Tarik Ward that went to the Massachusetts Institute of  Technology (MIT) in Ca

mbridge, Ma. and graduated in 2003 (class of 2003) with a bachelors degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics (with a concentration in information technology and teaching and music Tarik Ward) Are you sure you arent looking for the Tarik Ward that lived in Chocolate City?  Well you found Tarik A. Ward (Tarik Ward).  Tarik A. Ward is now a flight controller (Attitude Determination and Control Officer {ADCO}) for the International Space Station a the Johnson Space Center (JSC) a National Aeronautics and Space Administration in Houston, TX.  And there you have it.  Google it bitches, it's a celebration. Oh, and Seth Jaffe is my roomate. Index and links Site Index